COMPAKT Special Design Seals

PSI 01_025 Compakt special seal

COMPAKT Special Design Seals

The COMPAKT Design Seals Made sealing system is specially engineered to unique construction site challenges. It provides excellent sealing performance in wall openings for gas, water and sewage pipes, and various types of cables. The COMPAKT seal is a pressure-tight system.

The COMPAKT Special Design Seals system fits to eccentric pipe dimensions in the wall sleeve or core-drilled hole. It can also accommodate multiple pipe and cable penetrations through a single wall sleeve or core drilled hole. Dimensions can be adjusted to customer specification.


  • Pressure tight system


  • Wall opening of gas, water and sewage pipes, as well as for cables


The 1.57” (40mm) wide rubber element is pressed by means of two stainless steel discs. The COMPAKT-ring seals the annular space between the carrier and the casing pipe or the core drilled hole against water, gas or other media.