Split Sleeves

split Sleeves1

Split Sleeves

Model WS Split Sleeves are used for installations where an existing pipe run needs to penetrate a wall yet to be constructed. During wall installation a split sleeve is welded or bolted around the existing pipe and positioned in the form to center the pipe. After installation a LINK-SEAL® Modular Seal is used to seal the annular space between split sleeve and pipe.


  • Steel construction
  • Wide range of diameters
  • Applicable for existing pipe needing sealing penetration  


  • Sizes through 10” (25.4 cm) shall be Schedule 40 Steel Pipe or standard wall thickness
  • Sizes 12” (30.48 cm) and larger shall have a .375” (0.95 cm) or standard wall thickness


  • Excellent choice for installations where the application has an existing pipe and requires a sealing penetration  


Available Painted (Weld On and Bolt On) or Galvanized (Bolt On)