Flange Isolation - Low Pressure / Non-Metallic Core

non-metallic core

Flange Isolation - Low Pressure / Non-Metallic Core

GPT provides a wide selection of high quality joint sealing and isolation kits designed for low-pressure service in transmission, distribution and process piping systems. Isolation kits, which include gaskets, sleeves and washers, are available for all flange sizes, types, pressure ratings, and materials.

LineBacker® Isolating Gaskets/Kits

LineBacker® sealing gaskets use a rectangular sealing element, referred to as a "quad" ring for low load sealing and isolation.

Pikotek® PGE™ System Isolating Gaskets/Kits

The PGE™ was designed to give operators an alternative to the failure prone phenolic-based isolating gaskets.

Nitrile Coated G10 Isolating Gaskets/Kits (RC Gaskets)

Nitrile coated G10 isolating gaskets are coated with a nominal .063”(1.5mm) nitrile coating on each side of the G10 core.