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GPT is committed to providing pipeline solutions with unmatched safety, performance and reliability in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Our teams of industry-focused engineers use advanced materials and manufacturing processes to develop innovative sealing and isolating systems uniquely tailored to the specific industry and application. Click on the topics below to access our experts knowledge hub and how it applies in your field of expertise.
Pipeline Sealing
Identifying and selecting the correct seal for the application is vital in ensuring the integrity, safety and longevity of pipe penetrations, pipeline transmission, distribution and process piping systems to reduce emissions, reduce blowouts and reduce product loss.
Pipeline Corrosion Prevention
Corrosion is the primary factor affecting the longevity and reliability of pipelines that transport crucial energy sources throughout the global. The average annual corrosion-related cost is estimated at $7 billion to monitor, replace, and maintain these assets. The corrosion-related cost of operation and maintenance makes up 80% of this cost. Learn how to prevent, mitgate and reduce corrosion cost.
Cased Lines
Casing spacers systems are designed for inserting carrier pipes, conduits, and cables though casing pipes.
Pipeline Penetrations
Pipe Penetration seals are a modular, elastomer sealing system that creates a permanent, hydrostatic seal for nearly any cylindrical object as it passes through a barrier (wall, floor or ceiling).
Emissions, or specifically fugitive emissions are the result of poorly sealed oil and gas pipelines and infrastructure. With increased scrutiny from governments, regulators and environmental groups there has never been a more important time to tackle this pressing challenge.