Pikotek® Flow Restriction Orifice Plates


One-piece orifice plate incorporates spring-energized PTFE radial face seal and elastomeric O-ring backup seal completely encapsulated in a composite seal retainer

Pikotek® flow restriction orifice plates feature a one-piece orifice plate design for critical flow line and pipeline flow restriction and flow measurement applications. Their one-piece design eliminates the need for conventional orifice plates, plate holders and separate gaskets, substantially reducing residual flange/bolt stress in orifice flanges and improving overall sealing performance under even the most extreme operating conditions in all hydrocarbon production, injection and process applications.


  • Orifice Plate and Gasket are all one unit
  • Guaranteed Long Term Sealing Through the use of Pressure Energized Secondary Seals
  • Resistance to Vibrational/Cavitation forces that can unseat conventional gaskets used with conventional orifice plates
  • Complete separation of metallic surfaces, ensuring no galvanic interference between dissimilar metals (i.e. between compressor flanges, gaskets and orifice plates)
  • Beta orifice options available to suit any application
  • Substantial mitigation of gas pulsation and/or system vibration/compressor cavitation
  • No need for secondary gaskets to seal between flanges and orifice plate
  • Extremely simple and time saving installation
  • Complete mitigation of any corrosion potential within orifice assembly
  • Total serviceability with complete reusability without gasket replacement
  • Orifice plates and seals are available for RTI or raised face flanges in any size configuration
  • Good recovery/memory characteristics enable it to withstand long term pressure/thermal cycling, high vibration/cavitation and joint relaxation


One isolating and sealing orifice plate product comprised of a 316 stainless steel plate bonded to a G-10 fiber glass reinforced laminate. The orifice plate will be either .260” thick or .308″ thick.  The sealing surface will contain a precision tapered groove to accommodate the controlled compression of a PTFE spring energized seal. Sealing element placement shall accommodate either flat, raised or RTJ face flanges. The PTFE seal shall be spring and pressure energized. The G-10 retainer shall have a 800 volts/mil dielectric strength and a minimum 65,000 psi compressive strength.


  • Hydrocarbon production
  • Hydrocarbon Injection
  • Hydrocarbon Processing