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The different types of valves used in the petrochemical industry suit any of the following applications:

  1. Start/stop the flow of the fluid (hydrocarbons, oil & gas, steam, water, acids) through the pipeline (example: gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, knife gate valve, or plug valve)
  2. Modulate the flow of the fluid through the pipeline (example: globe valve)
  3. Control the flow of the fluid (control valve)
  4. Change the direction of the flow (for example a 3-way ball valve)
  5. Regulate the pressure of a process (pressure reducing valve)
  6. Protect a piping system or a device (pump, motor, tank) from overpressures (safety or pressure relief) or back-pressures (check valve)
  7. Filter debris flowing through a pipeline, to protect equipment that may be damaged by solid parts (y and basket strainers)